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.40 S&W, Winchester, Q4355, 180grain, Bonded SERVICE ammunition

The FBI is working with Winchester on a potentially serious condition affecting all recently produced .40 S&W, Winchester, Q4355, 180grain, Bonded SERVICE ammunition. Some of  the cartridge casings were produced without a flash hole. This condition completely eliminates the ability of this Service cartridge to fire – this is a “silent killer” in that no visual inspection by FBI personnel can detect this manufacturing defect and it would only be known at the time the Agent attempted to fire their handgun. A limited number of problems have been reported however this is such a dangerous condition immediate action is required.
Affected ammunition will have a four character “day code”, two letters, two numbers, i.e., FA  42. All Q4355 with day codes beginning with the letter F and any Q4355 with the two letter combination of EN are included in this recall.

This ammunition must be removed from service weapons and magazines IMMEDIATELY.
Again, boxed ammunition with the following codes must be removed from service
Product Code: Q4355
Day Code: Any code beginning with F or EN

See attached file for photo identifying the location of these codes on the ammunition

This recall only affects Winchester ammunition Q4355, 180grain, Bonded SERVICE with day codes outlined above.