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In 2008, we determined that some Ruger SR9 pistols manufactured between October 2007 and April 2008 could, under certain conditions, fire if dropped with their manual safeties in the “off” or “fire” position. The pistols will not fire if the manual safety is in the “on” or “safe” position.

We will retrofit all affected SR9 pistols (those with serial number 330-29999 or lower) with these parts at no charge to our customers. In order to ensure correct fitting, the new parts must be installed at our Ruger factory in Prescott, Arizona. We will remove the old parts and install the new trigger group promptly, at no charge, and will return the pistol to you. The old parts will not be returned.

How to determine if your pistol needs the retrofit:
It is easy to determine if your pistol has been retrofitted by simply looking at it. Although both the old and new trigger group have a two-stage trigger, the original design had an inner “shoe” that was not visible and, therefore, appeared to be a single trigger. The new trigger design incorporates a visible inner trigger of a blade design (See Figure 2, below).

Original trigger group – Pistol needs retrofit

New trigger group – Pistol does not need retrofit

If you own an SR9 Pistol bearing a serial number below 30000 (that is, 330-29999 or less) that has not been retrofitted, please contact us immediately to arrange return of the pistol.

Step 1 – Contact us and provide your name, address, telephone number and SR9 serial number.

Provide your information by any of the following:
Fax: (928) 541-8873
Phone: SR9 Recall Hotline
(available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT)
Step 2 – We will send you a shipping box with instructions so you can return your pistol to us FREE of charge.

Step 3 – We will install the new trigger group in your SR9 and return it to you FREE of charge. When we do, we also will send you a FREE extra magazine as a “thank you” for your patience and cooperation. We will make every effort to return your pistol within one week, so we will not ask you to send it to us until we are ready to receive it.

Do not load or fire your pistol until it has been factory retrofitted with these new parts! If you must fire your pistol, be sure to keep the manual safety in the “on” or “safe” position except when you are actually firing.

Thank you,
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.