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Smith & Wesson’s i-Bolt rifle

Smith & Wesson has discovered that the sear engagement pin in certain i-Bolt action rifles does not meet specification.  The sear engagement pin is part of the fire control unit for the rifle which is manufactured for Smith & Wesson by an outside vendor.  Our investigation has revealed that some of the sear engagement pins produced for Smith & Wesson do not comply with specifications and may, in certain instances, lead to a failure of this component.  Although we have not received any reports of accidents or injuries, we are initiating this recall campaign in the interest of safety since a failure of the sear engagement pin may potentially lead to an unintended discharge of your rifle.

You should stop using the rifle immediately and return it to Smith & Wesson so that the appropriate corrective action can be taken.

This recall applies only to i-Bolt rifles manufactured by Smith & Wesson between October 18, 2007 and December 12, 2007.  The recall is limited to 597 rifles produced during this time period.  Click this link to view the list of the serial numbers for all rifles affected by this recall.

To determine if your rifle is part of this recall, please check your serial number which can be found near the forward end of the scope mount base as indicated below:

If your serial number does not appear on the list, you do not need to return your rifle.

When your rifle is returned to Smith & Wesson, we will inspect each sear engagement pin to verify that it meets specification.  If the pin fails to meet specification, a new one will be provided and installed for you free of charge.  Your rifle will be returned to you once we verify that the fire control unit functions properly.

Please contact Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-713-0356 to arrange for the return of your rifle.  All work will be done free of charge.