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Speer Gold Dot Ammunition -380 Auto, 9mm, 9mm+P, and 40 S&W

Product Recall:

Speer Gold Dot Ammunition -380 Auto, 9mm, 9mm+P, and 40 S&W.

An intermittent, low frequency occurrence of primer misfires may occur under certain circumstances in several calibers of  Gold Dot ammunition.  This only applies to Gold Dot ammunition of the specified calibers produced between 09-25-01 and 03-31-02.

An unauthorized change in manufacturing process was made back in late September, This resulted in primers being used that did not meet specifications. Those primers are mostly used for ammo going to Government Contract shipments. However some of the ammo does go out through distributors to local and state contracts.

Speer Gold Dot 380 Auto, 9mm, 9mm+P, and 40 S&W ammunition produced between 09-25-01 and 03-31-02 should be returned to the factory for a no charge replacement.   Replacement ammunition will incorporate an “A” mark on the primer cup for identification purposes.

You should discontinue use of the subject ammunition and follow the procedure below immediately.

To return ammunition subject to this notice, please provide the information requested below by email, toll free fax, or toll free hotline.  A customer service person will then contact you to explain how to return and replace any ammunition affected by the recall.

Voice hotline Px 1-866-286-7436, Fax 1-866-665-2738, email

Letters in lot code indicate month and year of production.  Recall period is from Sept. 25th, 2001 to March 31st, 2002.  Lot#’s with the sequence of letters shown below are part of the recall.

J26Gxx to J30Gxx (September 2001)
K01Gxx to K31Gxx (October 2001)
L01Gxx to L30Gxx (November 2001)
M01Gxx to M31Gxx (December 2001)

A01Hxx to A31Hxx (January 2002)
B01Hxx to B28Hxx (February 2002)
C01Hxx to C01Hxx (March 2002)

Also the labels will be a part number for specific breeds of ammo. The only Gold Dot parts numbers being recalled are:

53612 9mm 115 gr. +P+
53614 9mm 115 gr.
53617 9mm 124 gr. +P
53618 9mm 124 gr
53619 9mm 147 gr
53730 9mm 124 gr. (US Govt Spec and Sales)

53947 .40 165 gr. (Mostly sold to BATF)
53961 .40 155 gr.
53962 .40 180 gr.
53970 .40 165 gr. (US Govt Spec and Sales)

Also an extremely small quantity of .25, .32, and .380 ammo was manufactured with these primers. Presently one lot of .380 boxed in 50 round boxes is being recalled.

To qualify for recall, ammunition must (a) be from one of the recalled lot numbers and (b) have a part number listed above.  Ammunition with the indicated lot numbers but a part number other than those listed is not being recalled.